Russia launches campaign to warn citizens of high-risk, deadly selfies

Have you ever attempted to take a selfie in front of an oncoming train? What about hanging from a roof or in front of a wild mountain lion?

No? Well, apparently a lot of people are doing it these days. It even prompted the Russian government to launch a campaign raising awareness on the dangers of taking photographs of yourself.

“A cool selfie could cost you your life. A selfie with a weapon kills,” the Guardian reports the Russian interior minister saying.

While the statements might seem out of this world (or at least something of an April Fool’s joke), these warnings are well founded. In the past few years, there have been more and more reported accidents involving selfies.

For starters, late last year a Polish couple passed away after taking selfies on a cliff.

The Guardian further reports claims of a 21-year-old woman who accidentally shot herself in the head in Moscow while taking a selfie holding a pistol. A lot of these accidents involve weapons like grenades.

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Selfie safety2

Yelena Alexeyeva, an aide to the interior minister, said:

Unfortunately we have noted recently that the number of accidents caused by lovers of self-photography is constantly increasing. Since the beginning of the year we are talking about some hundred cases of injuries for sure.

The campaign involves raising awareness via the ministry’s public safety video, leaflets, a website and a bunch of warning signs of people doing stupid things while taking selfies.

Selfie safety

“We want to remind citizens that the pursuit of likes on social networks can lead to the road of death,” Alexeyeva added. So, what crazy stunt selfies have you done in the “pursuit for likes” on social networks?



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