Accenture partners with TEDxCapeTown to help foster innovation

Renowned conference TEDxCapeTown will be taking place in the Mother City this coming weekend. Dedicated to the wider TED slogan “Ideas worth spreading”, tech consulting multinational Accenture has announced that it’s partnering with the event this year.

The theme of this year’s TEDxCapeTown is “Open Access Ctrl”. This resonates with Accenture’s vision of encouraging innovation around the globe.

The company emphasises that these kind of forward-thinking initiatives are important to help level the global playing field:

We now see that South African companies are beginning to apply innovation to their businesses more over the business-as-usual requirement for entrepreneurship, especially as they recognise that innovation is crucial in order to remain continentally and globally-competitive.

In a press release sent to Memeburn, Accenture defines innovation as the translation of a good idea into a tangible outcome to support the creation of stakeholder value.

It is in this light that the consulting company plans to launch #Innovment, which is a collaborative online platform to help foster ideas.

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#Innovment is described as a collaborative online platform enabling a wide spectrum of South African companies, government and citizens to rally behind innovative ideas, bringing collaborative solutions to market faster in order to solve our persistent problems, ignite economic growth and improve society.

#Innovment is Accenture’s call-to-action towards igniting GDP growth by connecting and inspiring unlikely idea partners and ultimately, stimulating job creation by facilitating disruptive ideation.

TEDxCapeTown 2015 will take place from 15 to 16 August at the City Hall. As parking is rather limited in this area, the conference is proposing a variety of environmentally-savvy transport options for attendees. You can find out more on its website here.



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