Apple releases Apple Music ads to promote the ‘Discover’ feature

Apple has released three new adverts aimed at highlighting Apple Music’s discover feature. In the advert, the voice-over says that the discover feature brings users the artists they love as well as the artists they are going to love.

The Apple Music three month trial is halfway and user’s feelings are still divided. By now, there should be a clear win, either for or against. The uncertainty in numbers for or against leaves much work for Apple to convince everyone that they need Apple Music.

The three adverts feature artists that are not widely known, showcasing the functions of the Discover feature on Apple music. The artists featured include pianist Kygo, British singer Flo Morrissey, US gospel and soul singer Leon Bridges, English singer-songwriter and guitarist James Bay and French-Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters Ibeyi.

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The feature is also not only for discovering new music but music that might not be familiar with users. As such the ads feature Flying Lotus, an experimental multi-genre music producer, electronic musician, disc jockey and rapper, an artist that is known widely around the world.

Apple Music explains the Discover feature as “Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you find new music to love. Enjoy recommendations handpicked just for you or explore everything they find that’s new and noteworthy in the world of music. It’s all yours”

The discover feature is a common feature with music streaming services. Even Shazam introduced a similar feature in which users can share the music their favourite artist discover.

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In the advert, a voice over says that “To have access to nearly all the music in the world at our fingertips is remarkable. And yet, there needs to be a place where artists and fans can discover one another.”

In the next few months, users will be deciding whether to continue with Apple Music or not after the free trial has ended, and Apple Music’s journey to being one of the best music streaming services will begin so will with its teething problems.



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