10 of our favourite snaps from the blood-red #SuperMoon eclipse

Stargazers from the Americas, Europe and Africa were over moon this weekend, as they stared through their phones’ screens to capture and share a very special astronomical event. Not only did the lunar eclipse make the moon appear red, the moon also passed closest to the Earth’s surface — appearing 14% larger than usual.

The so-called supermoon or bloodmoon event is a rare celestial occurrence which was last observed in 1982 and won’t happen again until 2033. Of course, the early 1980’s lacked today’s advanced telescopic and photographic equipment, meaning that this is the first time the Instagram and Twitter world have collectively snapped at the lunar body in its magnificent form. And, boy, did they.

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According to Topsy, mentions of supermoon was made over 200 000 times within the last few days, peaking at around 110 000.

So, whether your view was intruded by cloudy skies or you simply want to see how the supermoon looked through other people’s smartphone lenses, we’ve rounded up some of the most impressive shots we could find on Twitter.

For some epic time-lapses:

Naturally, there were some jokers with E.T. and Star Wars references:

Main image by jennifer_bowen_az via Instagram



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