Meet Opera’s new brand identity

Opera has unveiled its new identity. The last time the browser company altered its logo was in 2013, though the company says that this is more than a logo shift.

According to a press release sent to Memeburn, the logo represents Opera in its entirety, emphasising that its products are more than technology.

Sean D’Arcy, VP of Opera’s global marketing and distribution, wrote in a blog post that “with the extended Opera family and our ever-expanding range of products and services, we feel we’ve grown beyond the bounds of a software company.”

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The new “O” will also be visible on Opera Mini on the iOS platform.

The company has promised to roll out the new brand across its Opera family, including its entire product portfolio: Opera for Android, Opera Mini for Android, Opera Mini for Windows Phone and Opera for computers.

The changes will also be rolled out to its data management app Opera Max, the Opera Coast browser for iOS, and other apps.

Though the company has dropped the software from the logo, some familiar elements have been retained, including the “O” that has come to be associated with the company since 1995.

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“We envision Opera’s new logo as a portal quickly connecting you with what you’re looking for on the web. The three-dimensional ‘O’ symbolises a gateway that leads you to more: more content, more discoveries, more answers, more communication, more fun, more data savings, more of life,” the D’Arcy wrote.

D’Arcy went on to say that the new brand identity is more complex than colours, icons and fonts: “It is a system that unites the goals, the products and the history in an easy-to-communicate way.”



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