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Google launches Beta test for the Google app

Google has opened its Google app to beta testers, bumping it from version 5.3 to 5.4. It is not clear yet what the plan is from Google, but one can speculate that it has something up its sleeve.

The Google app is a significant part of the Android ecosystem. With the app, users can perform voice commands, and access Google Now, Now on Tap (if running Marshmallow), traffic updates, sport updates, news alerts, etc.

There is no indication of a major overhaul of the current app, but a beta test usually hints at an ambition to introduce new capabilities for the app. Google is mum on the details at the moment, choosing to release a lean announcement of the news. Whatever the change is to this app, it will probably be the next significant thing to Android and not a small feature.

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Registering for the beta test shows no immediate changes to the app either, it simply records that you have registered to be a beta tester and bumps the app to version 5.4. The idea behind the beta is that those who register for it will get app updates before the general public and give feedback on the particular update. The update will take some time for users, depending on the market.

Being a beta tester, means one is part of an experiment, though not intensive like a science experiment but still anything can go wrong, from slowing down your device to messing up what was a well-functioning app.

Should users wish to leave the beta, they can do so anytime. They will have to uninstall the beta version of the app and install the app again on Google Play.

The great thing about this beta is that it does not come with a Google+ tie in, meaning no endless Google+ notifications.

Author | Myolisi Sikupela: Staff Reporter

Myolisi Sikupela: Staff Reporter
Myolisi Sikupela was born in the Transkei in the village of Zikhovane. He is interested in the politics of technology. More

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