Instagram introduces multiple accounts feature, then takes it down

We here at Memeburn are always having this conversation, about how it is time for Instagram to support multiple accounts. This conversation is always categorised by angry rants every time we have to upload a photo or video on Instagram and have to go through the inconvenience of diving into the dustbin to retrieve passwords and usernames. It appears that we will never have to go through such trauma.

According to Android Police, Instagram has introduced multiple account support.

This is great for Instagram users who run more than one account — say, the one professional and the other social. Instagram has become part of businesses in a big way, allowing them to use the photo app from their personal and business accounts with ease.

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However, it now appears that an overly-eager Instagram employee might have let the cat out of the bag. While it was available to Instagram beta testers, the feature has now disappeared.

The company has not provided any explanations for pulling back the feature.

There is no doubt that Instagram is at work on the feature and will be releasing it soon. This leak, if it was, might help push Instagram for an early release.

Instagram might have taken the feature off after realising that some eager employee had leaked it, this remains an exciting and necessary step for Instagram. We at Memeburn are sure pleased that we will not have to dive into the depths of dustbins to find usernames and passwords when needing to post an image or video to our Instagram account.



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