Google Search now allows you to star, bookmark images

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Google Search is receiving a new feature. As it matures, it can only get better, and Google appears to be committed to seeing this happen.

In the latest update, Google has introduced a new feature to mobile searches that allows users to bookmark images from their mobile browser. It’s basically a Pinterest for Google Search.

For the feature to work, users need to be logged into a Google account.

The process of doing so is seamless too. When a user finds an image they want to save, all they have to do is to select and star it and the image will be saved in a folder. Once an image has been saved, it will have a floating box that says “view saved”.

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Users can set different folders to save images. Adding images to a specific folder is intuitive, the user needs to only to tap the pencil shaped edit and add to it a folder with similar images. To view all the saved images, users need to simply click the star icon in the bottom right to see all the saved files.

The feature is in its early stages and as such is not available in all markets. Users in the US, both on Android and iOS, can use this feature already and other markets will follow.

While images are colourful and pretty, they’re also expensive to users facing high data costs. Which is why Google also announced rolling out Chrome’s Data Saver in India and Indonesia. “If we detect low bandwidth, the Chrome Android app loads websites without the images first, saving you 70% data,” the company wrote.



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