Hachette Partworks extends Mightiest Heroes, tests out Star Wars graphic novel series

There’s good news for those of who don’t own enough graphic novels. Popular international partworks company, Hachette Partworks, has announced a 40 volume extension for its Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes range.

The company announced the new additions through their Mightiest Heroes Twitter account last year.

The current series contains 60 volumes focussing on specific characters and teams in the Marvel universe and their defining moments. The 40 volume extension will bring the series up to 100 volumes. There were a few heroes missing from the initial run, which should be covered in the new books.

The extension was inevitable not only due to the series’s popularity, but rather due to Hachette’s previous series: Marvel’s The Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection, which focussed on specific story arcs, such as Civil War and Wolverine: Old Man Logan. That was extended by an addition 60 volumes.

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Last year the company also released a collection based around popular crime-fighting sci-fi character, Judge Dredd. The series, entitle Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection, will consist of 80 volumes of thematic collections from the series history, such as Psi-Judge Anderson and the Dark Judges. Memeburn contacted local Hachette distributor Jacklin Enterprises about the series, but a representative stated there were currently no plans to bring the series to South Africa.

Besides all of the superhero graphic novel collections, Hachette is currently testing out a Star Wars-themed series in France. Entitled Star Wars Légendes: la collection de référence — Star Wars Legends: the reference collection — this 110 volume series features titles from the Star Wars Legends range. This is interesting to note as Disney’ acquisition of Lucas Films deemed these titles to be non-canon. It is unknown if or when the series will come to English territories.

Hachette competitor Eaglemoss Entertainment last year released the own graphic novel series for DC Comics. The DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection debuted in English territories in August 2015 with the release of Batman: Hush Part 1. Jacklin Enterprises also distributes Eaglemoss, but couldn’t give a definitive answer on a South African release for the series.



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