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8 reasons why your app isn’t making it onto the App Store [Infographic]

So you’ve built an app that you’re sure is going to change the world. You’ve put in the hard work, coding until the early hours of the morning, cajoling designer and content friends into lending you their expertise. But after you submit it to the App Store, it comes back rejected. “What the hell Apple?”, you find yourself exclaiming in frustration, wondering what you could possibly have done wrong.

Well as it turns out, there are any number of reasons for Apple rejecting an app. As the infographic below explains, apps can be rejected for everything from incomplete information and improper use of buttons to being too similar to an existing app, or too buggy.

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But once your app makes it onto the store, that’s when the money starts rolling in right? Wrong. While Apple users spent a record US$1.1-billion on apps, they’re likely spending that money on a very small number of apps. As far back as 2012, when the store was much smaller, Ars Technica revealed that as many as 60% of apps fail to break even.

So, good luck with that world-changing app.

Reasons Behind the Rejection of Apps on Apple Store

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