FitKey users can now earn Multiply points

Insurance and healthcare providers are desperate for their customers to be fit and healthy. It makes sense too, the healthier those customers are, the less they end up needing their insurers. Small wonder then that they’re looking for increasingly innovative ways to reward them for being healthy and are looking to tech for ways of doing so.

The latest example of this comes from Momentum, which now allows its customers to earn rewards points through gym membership app FitKey. Multiply members can also get a 25% off their monthly FitKey membership.

The app, which gives users access to classes at a variety of gyms for a set monthly fee, launched in mid 2015 and gives its users access to an increasingly large number of gyms.

As part of the partnership, FitKey and Momentum have also launched #Rewards4ActiveDayz, an initiative that aims at getting members of Multiply to be more active by using the FitKey app.

Multiply members will also receive 25% off their monthly FitKey membership when they sign up. For users to qualify for #Rewards4ActiveDayz they need to participate in a FitKey class. The more Active Dayz accumulated in a month, the more HealthReturns you earn if you are a Momentum Health member. According to a press release sent to Memeburn, members can accumulate as much as R450 in HealthReturns per month.

The idea behind the initiative, the companies say, is to make exercising more interesting and accessible.

Keeping your exercise regime more dynamic and varied makes it more fun and encourages you to follow your fitness plan,” says Evan Walther ,co- CEO of FitKey, “and the added benefit of HealthReturns plus an additional R150 Multiply online shop voucher makes it even more worthwhile.”

“At Multiply, changing the way people feel about exercising is important to us. We believe that encouraging our members to make long term health choices is crucial, and rewarding them for their efforts is important.” says Saray Khumalo, Head of Partner Management at MMI Holdings.

Under current economic circumstances, gym memberships and other expenditure on fitness take a severe knock as they are often viewed as non-essential expenses. Multiply and FitKey are committed to making a fitness regime part of everyday life with their cost effective memberships and the #Rewards4ActiveDayz™ initiative. “Knowing that partaking in fitness classes can earn you HealthRewards that translate into cash is a fantastic incentive,” says Saray Khumalo, “and in our financial climate every cent counts.”



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