Real-time horror movie ‘Sickhouse’ scares on mobile using Snapchat, Vimeo

Snapchat’s a platform hosting a swathe of diverse content on the daily, so it seems fitting that a movie is made using it, right? Well, that’s what Indigenous Media believes.

The company’s producing the “first-ever scripted film, shot in real time, designed for mobile viewing” called Sickhouse. And by that title alone, we’re sure you can surmise that it’s a horror. The film will also make its way onto Vimeo, where users can currently preorder it.

The film is “about a group of friends obsessed with social media whose excursion into the woods to explore the lore of Sickhouse turns deadly, Sickhouse leads viewers on a journey that has unsuspected consequences for all concerned, including the audience.” We’re not sure if that means everyone who watches this flick on Snapchat will die in seven days, but it does around some degree of interest.

The movie stars social media sensations Andrea Russett and Sean O’Donnell.

Is mobile the natural progression of motion pictures? Judging by the voracious usage of mobile video recording apps like Meerkat, Periscope, Vine and now Snapchat, it’s definitely a way to appeal to a younger audience.

The movie will debut as a full length feature on 1 June. Until then, have a look at the trailer below:



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