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#Brexit: Imgur reacts to the EU referendum in 15 witty images

The conclusion to the #Brexit referendum and the United Kingdom’s move to leave the European Union, has sent shockwaves through world economies, politics and of course, the internet.

The pound sterling has since taken a tumble against the dollar, current UK prime minister David Cameron has announced his resignation in October, and #Brexit has been a long-standing trending topic on Twitter for the past two days now.

But on some of the lesser-visited social sharing sites, users are reacting to the news the only way they really know how: images laced with sardonic humour.

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We’ve been trawling Imgur today, picking some of the most impactful images shared within the last 24 hours regarding #Brexit. Here are some of the most topical, imaginative and sardonic images social image sharing site.

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Brexit at Tiffany’s

We’ve voted to leave the EU and the pound is at it’s lowest value since 1985. I’m really worried about what this means for the steam sale…

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So Brexit happened! Ballsy move UK.

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I should probably save up a little bit instead. Oh well.

As a UK citizen I woke up this morning feeling anxious, confused and apprehensive about our future. Why can’t we listen to E17 and stay now.


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You know shit is weird when Britain declares their independence.

Apologies for the dank.

Feature image: Charles Clegg via Flickr

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