Burn Media, Chargeads introduce programmatic journalism to South Africa

Burn Media is excited to be the first South African premium publisher to utilise the ‘Newsroom’. The Burn Network delivers programmatic journalism in proud partnership with Chargeads, and its platform ‘Newsroom’ – currently running successful campaigns in the US, UK, Spain, Romania and Singapore.

So what exactly is Programmatic Journalism?

“The newsroom provides publishers with the opportunity to (a), manage all their digital assets in one place, namely headlines, video, display, content and editorial recommendations and (b), focus on building audiences and not just inventory, which by definition is limiting,” explained Carl Jordan, Country Director of Chargeads South Africa.

“By focusing on building segments, publishers are able to reach their audiences within their own ecosystem and outside their own platforms.”

What does this mean for brands in South Africa?

Using first party data collected across the Burn Network; (comprising of Memeburn, Ventureburn, Gearburn and Motorburn); we are now able to build interest segments based on users content consumption.

This means the Burn Network is able to deliver content recommendations, native ads, display and video based on interest segments.

“The Burn Media brands represent editorial integrity, innovation and putting the user first. These values are consistent with our view of programmatic journalism,” said Jordan.

“It is for these reasons that Chargeads are delighted to have Burn Media as our launch publishing partner for South Africa.”

The Newsroom also provides the Burn Network with the ability to deliver sequential storytelling based on first party data as well as previous behaviour – allowing brands to buy audience and interest segments instead of simple inventory.

While inventory limitations are a reality for specialist publishers like ourselves, using unique ID’s, we’re now able to scale out our audiences identifying our users on external sites.



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