I had fuck-you money and didn’t care – Minecraft creator


Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson has been in hot water recently over various comments made on Twitter.

Last month, the Minecraft creator took umbrage (to say the least) with the term “mansplaining” and called a fellow user the C-word.

Now, in a Reddit post titled “what’s up with Notch on Twitter?”, Persson himself popped up to give a quick rundown.

“Once I realised I had fuck-you money and didn’t care about my public image any more because it didn’t affect my day to day life in any way, I started speaking out against things I personally thing (sic) are wrong,” Persson wrote.

Notch said that people privately thanked him but told him that they were unable to publicly support him.

“I completely understood, but felt encouraged to keep doing so (speaking out),” he elaborated.

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Persson said that people opposed to the issue started to “attack” him, causing him to publicly respond in turn.

The Minecraft creator said that people “went nuts” because they “liked the drama” and because some thought he was “doing something good”.

The reactions motivated him to keep responding and it eventually became a bad habit, he explained.

“I recently got completely baited into doing a public reply to some miserable c-word [he claimed the c-word was ‘clown’ in a foot-note – ed], which they then tried to use to make me seem like a horrible horrible person. I’m currently trying to bring my twitter back to mostly just making bad jokes and complaining about video games.”

Persson added that accusations of him being a bigot and miserable were “incorrect”.

“But I also kind of don’t care what people think I feel or what people think I think, as that has no actual impact on my reality.”



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