Snapchat is coming to Windows 10 phones… soon

Lumia 1520

Sure, Windows 10 is a fairly stable desktop OS that just happens to run on everything else — phones, tablets, even elevators in some cases — but it has a major lack-of-apps problem. According to a new tweet by the Spanish division of Lumia Support, it’s about to get a little better for selfie-enthusiasts; a Snapchat app for Windows 10 is in the works.

The Spanish tweet is in reply to a customer query regarding the lack of a Snapchat app on Windows 10, and suggests Microsoft is “already working with our friends to bring Snapchat as soon as possible.”

The word “pronto” is also used, but beyond that no time frame has been provided.

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While no official reports from Microsoft or Snapchat higher-ups indicate a Windows 10 Snapchat app is in the works, working with developers on popular apps should definitely be regarded as a priority for the company.

Currently popular apps like Pinterest, Feedly, Pocket, and of course, Snapchat, are either supported by third-party apps or have no apps at all.

Recently, Snapchat was adjudged to boast more daily users than Twitter, with an estimated 150-million people worldwide snapping away every day.



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