Uber introduces waiting fees, instant payments and more

Uber has detailed new features that it’s introducing for drivers. The changes include paying drivers for waiting over two minutes, showing ride requests going in the same direction as you are when changing shifts, instant pay, pausing requests and a new website dedicated to drivers.

The company says that its reasons for introducing the changes include improving the driver’s trip experience. Uber is introducing in-person assistance in over 250 locations around the world, making its communication process with drivers a lot more immediate.

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One of the new features will enable drivers to only accept trips going in the same direction as them. If a driver is going home at the end of a shift or leaving home to begin a shift, they can input their destination and Uber will only send them trips that are heading in the same direction. The feature has been in testing in the US and will expand to more US cities this week with a global launch coming soon.

Up until now Uber drivers could get ride requests whilst completing a trip but Uber is now introducing a pause request option, allowing drivers to pause the requests and not get requests whilst on a trip — simply unpausing the app to get requests again. This feature is being piloted in several cities.

Uber will also allow drivers to be paid instantly in the near future. This feature has been available in the US since earlier this year.

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The issue of waiting time has always been a tricky one, both for drivers and riders. In the near future drivers will be paid for waiting over two minutes. The company says that it is frustrating when riders run late or cancel when you’re already at the pickup location. It is not clear who will foot the bill, Uber or the rider.

Uber has also launched a reward system for Uber drivers who sometime take Uber as riders. Drivers will get 15% off an uberX ride for every 10 trips they complete in a week, or 50% off an UberBLACK ride for every 20 trips done in a week. This reward system is being rolled out at different US cities.



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