Vox Telecom continues ADSL power play with cap increases

Vox Telecom made tech headlines in South Africa last year with its capped ADSL promotions.

The ISP delivered several affordable capped “Fat Pipe” offerings at the time, including 100GB of data for just R164 a month (which has since been bumped to 150GB).

Now, in the wake of Telkom’s IP Connect discount to service providers (which takes effect as of today), Vox has revealed larger caps for its Fat Pipe packages. So what can you expect for your cash then?

The entry-level 75GB/R189 a month option has been bumped up to 100GB, the 100GB/R249 a month option is increased to 150GB, while the top-end 1TB/R1899 a month option receives a bump to 1.3TB.

The Fat Pipe option is also notable for its data rollover option, which allows users to keep their unused data. The maximum limit of rollover data is equivalent to six times their monthly data cap though (e.g. 600GB for those on the 100GB package or 6TB for 1TB subscribers).

Telkom’s IP Connect discount affects all ISPs – so expect other providers to either cut their prices or increase their data allocations.

View the table below for the full Vox data breakdown.

vox telecom fat pipe



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