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Game of Thrones meets Pokemon in epic, artistic mashup

You’re probably sick of Pokemon Go by now… aren’t you? Well then, sit back for some inspired news.

Massively talented Deviantart user Sketch BGI (Kaleb Raleigh) has taken the recent Pokemon craze to the next level. Drawing inspiration from Game Of Thrones‘ house banners, the artist has created bespoke, and rather epic-looking Pokemon for each.

For House Stark, we have a wolf-based Pokemon, while Targaryen has a three-headed dragon as its monster, and Tully, a pretty badass fish. You get the point.

Sketch BGI has a number of other Pokemon inspired designs, so be sure to check out their page.

For now though, have a look at the handy infographic-like post on Imgur of the Pokemon below.

Game of Thrones x Pokemon Go!

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