Apple reportedly working on a Snapchat clone


We’ve already seen Instagram copy Snapchat by implementing Instagram Stories (a take on Snapchat Stories), while Line’s developer released a Snapchat-like platform of its own.

The next company to get on the ephemeral photo/video bandwagon? Well, it could be Apple

According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, the Cupertino company is working on a video sharing and editing application for its iOS devices.

Bloomberg adds that the new app will let users record video clips and add drawings and filters to them — sound familiar? From here, they can either be sent to contacts or to your timeline on existing social media platforms.

Apple’s Snapchat clone will run on its iOS platform, for iPhones and iPads

The app is designed for one-handed usage and the entire “shoot, edit, upload” process is slated to take less than a minute, the sources claimed.

Will it flop like Ping?

It’s all part of Apple’s drive to integrate its own social media apps/services in its devices, following the success of Facebook and Snapchat, the report claims.

The clone is apparently being designed by the same team responsible for the iMovie and Final Cut Pro video editing software.

If confirmed, it wouldn’t be the first social network/platform that Apple created — remember Ping? However, with Snapchat reaching between 100 and 150 million daily users earlier this year, it’s understandable that Apple would want a piece of that pie.

The real question though, is whether people will want to use the app in the first place… After all, both Snapchat and Instagram are (mostly) platform-agnostic, while Apple’s app would almost certainly be limited to its devices — at least for shooting and editing.



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