How successful is Apple every second? This website breaks it down

We all know that Apple is swimming in an embarrassment of riches, as evident by numerous reports and their most recent earnings.

How do you better illustrate their success though? How about a pie chart? Or what about a breakdown of all their devices sold to date? Nah, those won’t do…

The Every Second website shows you just how successful they are every single second. The website illustrates how many iPhones, iPads, Macs and more the company is selling each second, complete with a live ticker keeping track.

For instance, leaving the website open for just ten seconds shows the following stats…

apple every second 10 seconds

The website also outlines several other interesting stats, such as profit, app downloads, iTunes music tracks downloaded, spending on the App Store, iMessages sent, Apple Maps queries, marketing spend and even gold extracted from used iPhones.

The website uses statistics from the likes of, Computer World and Statistics Brain to get the per-second breakdown.

Every Second has previously delivered a per-second breakdown of YouTube’s statistics. The stats show that for every ten seconds, YouTube receives over 450 000 views, 65 hours of uploaded video and spends US$1900 on maintenance. Every ten seconds, the company receives just over US$1200 on ad revenue – better hope that YouTube Red gets them more cash…



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