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Epic Rap Battles pits Trump against Clinton in cuss-filled clip

The current US race for the White House has never been this entertaining or this frightening. Right in the golden age of social media, the elections have been covered in almost every guise — from video to parody.  ith the elections just a few days away now, Epic Rap Battles is bringing the two together.

Placing Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, the two duke it out in a much more cuss-infused rap battle, fit with scandal references on both sides, catch phrases and of course, that wall. Speaking of a wall, EPB does seem to side with Clinton in this one, which is clearly pleasing the thousands of commenters on the video.

Is Epic Rap Battles edging towards Clinton in this one?

“The sad part is that you gave Hitler a better video than this,” one notes.

The highlight of the clip though? Well, that involves Abraham Lincoln, a giant bald eagle, and grills (yes, lavish teeth jewelry).

Published just eight hours ago at the time of writing, the video already has just below one million views, and over 120 000 reactions.

We should issue a warning: the clip is filled with lewd languages, racial references and a slew of distasteful commentary (largely thanks to the slug-fest that has been Trump versus Clinton). But now that you’ve been warned, have a look at the clip below:

  • Kadiliman

    Lincoln Eagle 2016

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