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Google Pixel is a physical search bar, according to ad

Google doesn’t do subtle any more. Sure, Google Tricks weren’t exactly marks of elegance, nor are the coy names for its Google Pixel smartphones’ colours. But the company sure knows how to make an advertisement, regardless of how obvious the metaphor is.

Published shortly after the Pixels’ launch on 4 October, and airing on US television a few hours after, Google’s new advertisement shows the progression of the company, from a humble internet search engine to the behemoth it is today.

Google is evolving to keep its core business fresh, and Google Pixel is evidence of that

And the metaphor? A literal shape-shifting search bar.

It uses a quite literal search bar, which morphs from a horizontal rectangle, to a more Google Nexus-shaped tablet, and finally, a Google Pixel. It’s quite smart, and does shed light on how the company is fundamentally evolving into a true Microsoft and Apple competitor, without forgetting its real strengths.

But before I give the entire ad away, have a look at what Google believes will be the new future of the company in the coming years.

Also, if you missed the Google Pixel launch this week, be sure to visit Gearburn for an extensive recap of the event.

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