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Google Sprayscape: spray weird 360 snaps with this app

Another week means another app from Google, but this one, dubbed Sprayscape, comes from its Creative Lab. In other words, expect something less like Allo and more like Lip Swap.

Sprayscape, released on Android, allows users to essentially create a Photosphere/360 photo with a “spraying” mechanic.

The app isn’t super accurate at all, even claiming to be a “quick hack” in the Google Play description.

“Sprayscape is a quick hack using the phone’s gyroscope to take pictures on the inside of a 360-degree sphere. Just point your phone and tap the screen to spray faces, places, or anything else onto your canvas,” reads the description.

Google Sprayscape isn’t accurate at all, but it makes for a neat, little distraction

In a cool touch, you can share Sprayscapes with friends, the app delivering a link (view here) for your contacts to visit in their web browser (complete with panning/tilting functionality). But you can don a headset as well if you’d like to check the final product in VR.

As for the actual experience, it’s pretty fast and has a slick, no-frills look at this stage. It’s clear that this isn’t meant to be a replacement for Cardboard Camera and similar apps, as there’s an emphasis on just having fun with the spraying mechanic, really. Still, the responsive gyroscopic system and seamless sharing makes this stand out from the pack.

Author | Hadlee Simons

Hadlee Simons
Terrible puns make Hadlee Simons difficult to work with, but he brings over seven years of tech journalism experience to the table. When he's not at work or watching motorsport, he's in the foetal position on a jiu jitsu mat. More

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