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Fail Army’s October roundup shows exactly why we’ll miss Vine

We know, we know. It’s Monday so soon again, but it needn’t be a slog. Well, at least your haven’t tripped and fell into a kiddies swimming pool, or launched your friend head-first into an adjacent wall.

Have you?

Well, that’s what these unfortunate examples of humankind had to deal with this month.

In October 2016’s Fail Army roundup, the channel documents some of the craziest, funniest and down-right stupid fails of the past 30 days. From guys putting scissors into plug sockets, to others belly-flopping from steep cliffs, and the occasional kitten landing on its courageous little face — this video seems to have it all.

The clip itself already has over 3.2-million views, with around 65 000 reactions in its now two-day existence. It’s also sitting at number 38 on YouTube’s trending chart.

Also, this month’s roundup is made even more poignant thanks to the recent death of Vine. I mean, how else will be satisfy our need to see others do incredibly insensible things?

But enough of us. Have a look at the six-minute clip below, and try to feel some empathy for these poor few while laughing uncontrollably.

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