5 reasons you need Showmax in your life – right now [Sponsored]


Sign up for a free 14-day ShowMax trial and get access to over 25 000 episodes, movies and more — ad-free and uninterrupted. Go to showmax.com and explore internet TV for yourself today.

What is the best show available on ShowMax right now? Sign up for ShowMax and let us know in the comments and you could win a 3 month voucher. This is open to new and existing ShowMax subscribers in South Africa.

Still not sure about ShowMax? Here’s why we think you should give their internet TV free trial a whirl.

ShowMax has been around for just over a year and chances are you’ve seen the ads – but have you given it a try yet?

ShowMax is an internet TV service that gives you the option of watching series, movies, documentaries and kids shows when you want for a month-to- month subscription of R99, with no annoying ads. Plus you can download shows to your phone or tablet and watch offline.

Here’s why you should sign up for the free trial right now.

1. Holidays. They are coming.

We look forward to them all year, and then, when they’re here, we remember why we won’t do them again for another 11 months. The kids are bored, you’re stuck at your

parents and you’re running out money. Streaming TV keeps the kids entertained, gives you something to watch other than cricket, and it’s affordable.

2. ShowMax is cheap

For just R99 a month, you get a full ShowMax subscription. That’s cheaper than two movie tickets, a DVD, a case of beer, or a bucket of Hot Wings.

With the festive season and its crazy whirlwind of gifts/parties/dinners/concerts/travel/shopping just weeks away, now is the time to cut back on unnecessary impulse buys.

Spending R99 per month on ShowMax gives you lots to watch at home, meaning you’ll be able to save on all your other entertainment costs (you might still need the Hot Wings for your Game of Thrones/isiBaya/Devious Maids/Downton Abbey marathons, though).

3. You need to escape politics

Why get depressed, baffled or enraged following real-life politics when there are so many shows and movies about politics on ShowMax that are way more interesting and uplifting?

From series like Madam Secretary, The Borgias, the Tudors and Parks and Recreation to documentaries such as The Fence and movies including the Ides of March, ShowMax will help you indulge your penchant for fictional politics while steering clear of the real thing.

4. No credit card needed

You’ve managed not to need a credit card until now (and your bank balance is no doubt healthier for it), and ShowMax is not about to start insisting that you get one to sign up.

You can pay using a credit or debit card, PayPal account, vouchers (available at CNA and Pick n Pay stores), FNB eBucks vouchers, or add it to your DStv account.

5. You don’t need to stress about data

It’s easy to control your data usage with ShowMax. You can download up to 25 shows or movies to watch offline whenever you’re in a free WiFi zone, using the Apple or Android ShowMax app. And you get to keep them for 30 days, which means they’ll see you through the holidays. Or you can choose to stream at a lower quality setting, which will save you loads of cash because you’ll use up to 75% less data.

Use the ShowMax bandwidth calculator to see how much you’ll need.





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