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Tinder hits Apple TV: get gran to find matches for you

Tinder is a rather private experience for many people, but the hookup/dating app is now available on Apple TV, if you can believe that.

What’s the logic behind this move, though?

“We decided that the goal of our Apple TV integration should be two-fold: 1) to serve our end users by providing a new use case — the ‘party’ swipe, a fun activity with friends and 2) to create a lightweight, modern app that would serve as an experiment field for new architecture proposals,” the developer wrote on their blog.

Apple TV users will need to use their remote’s touchpad to swipe, but can also shake the peripheral to rewind a swipe.

“Additionally, the TV’s larger screen adds a communal element to swiping. When we envision Tinder on Apple TV, we imagine our most popular use case is when people get together at home and swipe for each other,” the team elaborated.

The developers haven’t included every feature from the mobile app though, understandably choosing to leave out the chat feature and settings menu. After all, nothing could be a party killer quite like a sext during a social swiping session.

Tinder for Apple TV means that “party swiping” is more feasible now

The team added that it was investigating the ability for multiple users to quickly hop into the Apple TV app.

It’s just the latest move for Tinder this year, having introduced smart photo functionality, more genders and Tinder Boost as well.

Author | Hadlee Simons

Hadlee Simons
Terrible puns make Hadlee Simons difficult to work with, but he brings over seven years of tech journalism experience to the table. When he's not at work or watching motorsport, he's in the foetal position on a jiu jitsu mat. More

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