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Adobe’s Photoshop voice assistant can edit snaps for you

Talking to your electronic devices and telling them what to do isn’t new. But while Siri can order an Uber, and Cortana open Microsoft Edge, Adobe’s Photoshop voice assistant will be able to tweak your photographs using nothing but voice commands.

The company has demonstrated a mobile editing app with an “intelligent digital assistant” that uses voice commands to perform specific tasks.

According to Adobe, the “speech recognition system is able to┬ádirectly accept natural user voice instructions for image editing either locally through on-device computing or through a cloud-based Natural Language understanding service”.

Adobe’s Photoshop-inspired voice assistant could streamline photo editing on mobile and desktop

Asking the assistant to “crop the photo” or “make it square” does just that, all while receiving no touch inputs from the user. It all seems pretty seamless.

Obviously, the proof-of-concept assistant won’t be able to replace Photoshop’s myriad editing tools and commands, but Adobe’s relatively simple command set seems to be perfect for smaller screen devices.

Have a look at the company’s first steps towards a smarter Photoshop on mobile (and perhaps even on desktop in the future) below.

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