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Ookla debuts Speedtest desktop app for Windows, Mac OS

Great news for those of you too lazy to open a web page. Ookla, the company behind popular internet benchmarking tool Speedtest, has this week announced a new Desktop app for Windows and Mac OS users.

The company explains that the app’s existence is thanks to today’s modern world of “text expanders, ordering buttons and digital assistants”. The app simply aims to make checking your internet connection speed as quick and easy as this.

“By embedding Speedtest on your desktop (and skipping all that typing), we can save you almost all the effort of figuring out your download and upload speeds,” the company adds.

The Windows app at least, isn’t just functional, but rather attractive.

Set up like the Android app, the Windows variant features a large speedometer, ping in top left flanked by download and upload speeds, as per tradition. You can also change your desired test server and keep track of your progressively worsening internet speed (if you live in South Africa, that is).

As mentioned, the app is also available for Mac OS users. But for those on Windows 10, head on over to the Windows Store.

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