#ReasonsWhyImEverOnTwitter: this is why South Africa logs in every day

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Have you ever logged into any social media app or site and wondered why you had in the first place? For some, that happens way too often.

Whether it’s stalking friends on Instagram, or laughing at fake news on Facebook, all social sites have their purpose. But what of Twitter?

That’s the chief question circulating on South African Twitter right now. The hashtag #ReasonsWhyImEverOnTwitter shot to the front page of South Africa’s trending hashtags chart early Monday morning, and has remained there for much of the day.

Although not as popular as last year’s #SaxonwoldShebeen, the hashtag has nonetheless revealed just how the social network is viewed in South Africa.

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In terms of numbers, Twitter was actually outpacing Facebook in terms of user growth in 2016. The microblogging service grew by 12%, from 6.6-million to 7.4-million users. Facebook grew just 8%, according to World Wide Worx.

So why do South Africans use Twitter?

So, uh, there’s this.

Some users really have no idea why they logged on in the first place.

Some rely on it for hard-hitting news and information about South African life…

…and the world.

For some users, Facebook is no longer the social network of choice.

Tweeters also feel they can make a difference by airing their views publicly, while receiving input from others.

And, well, South Africans just can’t get enough of those memes.

But we want to know from you… why do you use Twitter? Do you also believe that the social network’s growth is outpacing Facebook in South Africa? Drop a line in the comments section below, or tweet us @Memeburn.

Feature image: Christopher via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)



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