4 hilarious #SaltBae parodies that’ll make you cringe

georgesketch #saltbae meme avocado bae

Salting food has never been this popular, and it’s all thanks to #SaltBae. The Turkish-born chef based in Dubai rose to internet stardom after videos of his knife and seasoning skills went viral on Instagram and Twitter.

It’s no mean feat — his meteoric rise, and well, slicing meat with such effortless style — but that won’t stop other internet users from emulating the man, or at least poking fun at him.

From awkwardly carving avocados to delicately shaving the crusts off a loaf of bread, these parodies will probably inspire you to whip out that cleaver, salt mill and forearm swagger later tonight.

Aromat Bae

If salt isn’t quite for you, South African comedian Ndumiso Lindi shows the internet just how you can excel by sprinkling a various array of spices over your forearm.

Avocado Bae

Georgesketch’s repost takes our award for most ridiculous #SaltBae parody. Not only is the juicy steak swapped out for a healthy, vegan-friendly avocado, the video also features some deft editing (that avocado seed shot though).

Nope Bae

Texting someone you’re not supposed to be texting? King Bach shows just how #SaltBae’s skill can get you out of an awkward situation.

Fairy Bae

Finally, some people really don’t like the crusts left on their slices of bread. But now, thanks to Sprinkle Chef, you too can slice these off yourself. Add a little butter, and boom, instant snack.

Fairy bread 🔪 #saltbae #fairybae @nusr_et

A video posted by Alek Jakubiak (@j.kube) on

Feature image: Georgesketch via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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