Google Maps for Android has just become a lot more useful

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Google Maps’ latest Android update is introducing a little context and information tab at the bottom of the app’s screen.

The app, which still displays what its name suggests, now also serves users context-rich information. Thanks to the update, Google Maps will now display a number of places you can possibly visit, from restaurants to petrol stations.

Google will also prompt users with the traffic conditions and calculated travel time to work and/or home (if you work from home, this will probably be a bit irrelevant).

Google Maps for Android is now a travel information hub, thanks to a slew of new updates

“If you don’t need turn-by-turn directions but want real-time traffic info as you take your usual route, you can tap on “start driving” to go directly into driving mode,” Google Maps’ project manager Marcus Lowe explains on its blog.

Additionally, the app will also serve information even if you aren’t driving your car. Public transport information is also made available through the “transit” tab.

“If you have your home and work addresses saved, you’ll see a recommendation for which bus or train to take, when the next one’s coming, and an ETA for when you’ll arrive at work or home,” Lowe adds.

The updates are only available for Android at present, there’s also no indication that they’ll arrive on iOS any time soon.

According to Google, the update is currently available to download.



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