Weekly Round Up #101: Top SA edtech startups, Telefunken TV scandal & more


Hadlee Simons plays host to a full team today as he is joined by Andy Walker, Graham van der Made and Matthew Alexander to round up the news of the week.

Graham discusses some of South Africa’s best edtech startups and how Ventureburn decided on which to feature.

We then move on to the Telefunken scandal, in which retailer Game advertised non-HD TVs as HD. In a statement issued to MyBroadband, Game suggested that the issue lay with the consumer and that it was not at fault.

Andy and Hadlee then touch on the newly launched Samsung S8, which you can hear more about over at the Gearburn podcast.

Finally, the team looks at Facebook’s cloning of Snapchat and the inevitablity of all their apps providing the same function. We also ponder the use of Messenger’s new addition of Live Location.

What are we watching, reading, playing: Graham just finished reviewing Nier: Automata after 35 hours of play time. Though a few technical issues brought the game down, he still gives it two thumbs up. He’s also been watching Love on Netflix, because there’s nothing like watching douchebags learn to love to end off the day.

Matthew is currently reviewing Mass Effect: Andromeda which he says is enjoyable despite the poor animations. He’s also watching the tear-jerking videos over at SoulPancake on YouTube.

Andy is “hella” looking forward to reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S8, but in the meantime he is still playing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He’s also been binging This American Life’s latest podcast S-Town.

Over on Hadlee’s side, he’s just finished reviewing the favourable Moto Z Play. He’s playing Legend of Zelda still, and is also listening to some ASMR YouTube videos, because why the heck not?

For all this and more, have a listen to the podcast below. Also, be sure to catch the thorough Recommended Reading list at the foot of this article.

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