Verified Twitter accounts post swastikas in Turkish hack

turkey twitter hack swastikas

Last week, the Netherlands barred two Turkish ministers from speaking to expatriates ahead of a national memorandum. On 16 April, Turkey will be voting whether or not to allow Turkish President Erdogan to stay in power until 2029. And the president did not take the slight well: according to Fortune.comTurkey warned that it would retaliate in the “harshest ways.”

Apparently these ways include Twitter hacks.

Last night, Turkish hackers targeted verified accounts to spew Erdogan propaganda across the platform.

Hundreds of accounts were attacked, posting swastikas, #NaziGermany and #NaziHolland. According to The Verge, some accounts were even manipulated to sport the Turkish flag.

A number of Twitter users with verified accounts have had swastikas posted on their accounts in a mass hack

Targeted Twitters include Amnesty International, Justin Bieber, Forbes and BBC North America.

The hack seems to have been undertaken through Twitter Counter, a service that offers Twitter analytics to users.

The company have acknowledged the issue, and have halted all activities that allow the posting of tweets until the source is confirmed.

“Before any definite findings, we’ve already taken measures to contain such abuse of our users’ accounts, assuming it is indeed done using our system,” it told The Verge

Several accounts have since apologised.

Featured image: K. Hurley via Flickr (CC 2.0, resized)



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