YouTube is bringing live TV channels to all devices

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YouTube announced yesterday that its live TV service, set to take on cable, was officially a-go.

“It’s live TV designed for the YouTube generation — those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments,” reads the blog post.

Working with networks and affiliate partners, YouTube has found a way to live stream from channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN — meaning that viewers will be able to watch live as soon as a new episode of shows like Empire, Scandal and The Big Bang Theory airs. 

Christian Oestlien, Product Management Director, recently used YouTube TV to watch ‘The Oscars’ live on ABC,” YouTube asserts.

YouTube will challenge the big cable companies along with Netflix and co with its new television platform

Not only is the service providing users with live access to multiple channels — and is surely looking to expand its users’ options — but it also provides a cloud DVR with no storage limits  that is available across devices. This means that if you weren’t able to stay up late to watch the end of the Oscars, you could have watched it on your phone on the train ride into work the next morning.

The US$35 (R458) a month membership will include six different accounts, each with their own DVR and personalised recommendations. They’re also touting the fact that a member will be able to cancel at any time, with no commitments or extra cost.

YouTube TV will only be available for select cities in the USA, and will be expanding across the country slowly.

It is unclear how long it will take the platform to launch in other countries. A lot rides on local TV industries and the legalities that bind them.

YouTube’s announcement comes in the wake of massive moves on Facebook’s part to begin creating original content.

The social media platforms seem to be embroiled in a kind of space war — fighting to be the first to completely shake up the way we consume TV.



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