4 Netflix originals coming to South Africa this May

We’re five months into 2017, and time has shown no sign of just, like, slowing down for a little bit. As the great @horse_ebooks once said: “Everything happens so much.”

But luckily for us, “everything” includes the good. And that means that Netflix happens so much, too.

So why not forget about the passing of time this month by binging the latest Netflix originals?

5 May: Sense8

From the creators of The Matrix, Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers from around the globe who develop an intense internal connection.

On 5 May, the cluster is back for a second season, ready to explore the themes of love, humanity and communication even further.

“On the run from Whispers, and forced to question their very identity, it’s a matter of survival as the Sensates must find a way to live with, understand and protect one another against all odds,” the description reads.

The season will set you back ten hours in the form of one-hour-long episodes.

12 May: Master of None

Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is also returning for a second season this month.

After running off to Italy, Dev goes back to New York no better off than he was before — though certainly filled with more pasta.

“Ambitious, funny, cinematic, and both sweeping in scope and intensely personal, Dev’s story takes him through subjects as diverse as the plight of the elderly, the immigrant experience, and how to find the most delicious pasta for dinner,” Netflix says.

Also premiering on 12 May is Get Me Roger Stone, a documentary on the political advisor known for “creating controversy and manipulating the media.”

“Stone’s career is a window into the last 50 years of politics that led to this pivotal moment in history [Donald Trump’s election].”

Anne (with an E) will also find its way to Netflix 12 May. Based on children’s classic Anne of Green Gables, the series tells of “13-year-old Anne [who] will transform the lives of Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert and eventually the entire small town in which they live with her unique spirit, fierce intellect and brilliant imagination.”

19 May: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This month is all about returning Netflix darlings, and included in that is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

“After living in a cult for fifteen years, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) decides to reclaim her life and start over in New York City.”

The third season follows lovable and naive Kimmy as she ventures into the world of college.

Also premiering 19 May is The Keepersa documentary on a murdered nun and the Catholic church’s cover-up.

“Through conversations with dozens of friends, relatives, journalists, government officials and Baltimore citizens determined to uncover the truth, [director Ryan] White pieces together a story that goes beyond the death of a beloved Catholic schoolteacher to encompass clergy abuse, repressed memories and government and religious institutions that he says ‘at best, dropped the ball over the last 45 years – and, at worst, covered it up.'”

26 May: War Machine

War Machine is a satirical take on the US’s war in Afghanistan.

“At the story’s core is Brad Pitt’s sly take on a successful, charismatic four-star general who leapt in like a rock star to command NATO forces in Afghanistan, only to be taken down by his own hubris and a journalist’s no-holds-barred expose.”

The film addresses the need to support the troops by questioning the very forces that send them out to kill and be killed.

30 May: House of Cards

Edit: Netflix has sold the rights of House of Cards to MultiChoice, and will not premiere the show on its platform in South Africa. Instead, season five of House of Cards can be caught on M-Net from 14 June. We apologise for the misinformation.

The ultra-popular House of Cards is back for its fifth season, and is Netflix’s last premiere in May.

The season already caused a stir when its date announcement (displaying an upside down American flag) was released on the same day as US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, but it’s keeping mum on what viewers can expect.

“The series’s Golden Globe winning stars Kevin Spacey (as Francis Underwood) and Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood), whose characters have always been each other’s strongest allies, show cracks in their relationship,” is all Netflix lets on in its description.



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