Android O is killing Google’s blob emoji (and replacing that adorable kitty)

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Google might’ve announced a slew of updates to its products yesterday, but its most important development was mostly swept under the rug.

The company’s derpy emoji, which featured anthropomorphous blobs wearing emotionless faces, will finally be replaced by more expressive figures. This is all part of Android O’s — Google’s upcoming mobile operating system — support of Emoji 5.0, part of Unicode 10.0.

According to Emojipedia, there are also a number of new emoji heading to the OS, including a mage, a face that’s enjoying a good vomit, and of course a face with a hand over its mouth. If those aren’t to your liking, expect a giraffe, a pretzel and a dumpling too, a graphic mind-blown face, and a censorship emoji too.

That’s not all either.

Google’s new EmojiCompat library

Google’s boffins have also sought a solution to the annoying emoji display issues, prominently seen when your phone doesn’t support the emoji you just received.

Instead of showing a triangle with a cross, Android O’s new “EmojiCompat” support library will ensure that emoji are displayed even if your Android OS isn’t updated. More developer-friendly information can be found here.

Not everyone is happy with Google’s new emoji though.

‘Don’t take my beautiful cat child away’

Whether in jest or serious concern, there’s currently a petition calling Google to “bring back the old cat emoji” which is set to also change from its current form.

Like the blobs, the standard shading-less cat emoji will be outed by a higher-res, more detailed kitty. But the author of the petition doesn’t want a prettier cat.

“Her beautiful smile was a shining light in these dark times we find ourselves in. I urge Google to reconsider this change because she is the one thing keeping this nation together today,” the petition reads. “Don’t take my beautiful cat child away.”

The petition already has 90 supporters too.

Twitter users also lamented the death of all the blobs, taking to Emojipedia’s account to voice their concerns.

“Absolutely awful,” one tweeter expressed.

Android O will likely hit devices in its consumer-ready version come Q3 or Q4 2017.

H/T: Emojipedia

Andy Walker, former editor


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