‘Pinned chats’ are coming to WhatsApp for your most important contacts

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Few things are more annoying than hunting for your bae, mom or BFF in the WhatsApp contact list. And while the app does boast a search function for finding them, it’s by no means efficient.

But that will soon be a problem of the past.

The company’s latest pre-release version of the Android app features “pinned chats” which allows users to pin three primary contacts to the top of the chat list.

You’ll soon be able to pin your most important WhatsApp chats to the top of the chats page

This means that even if your distant relative or that person you used to know pops through a random message one night, your three pinned chats will remain at the top of the app’s chat list, easily accessible.

The app is limited to just three at present, but that should be all you really need, unless you’re Barney Stinson.

As mentioned before, this is a pre-release feature, so it’s not yet available on the official WhatsApp builds in the Play Store. You can however fool around with it by signing up to WhatsApp’s test channel.

There’s word on when the feature will be available on WhatsApp’s stable builds.



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