5 oddly fascinating and serene YouTube food channels

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No matter your hobby or obsession, you’re bound to find a YouTube channel that caters to you. Me? I like ASMR and food.

But what happens when you combine the two of them? Why, you might get these strangely fascinating and maybe even relaxing YouTube food channels.

Food Surgeon

One of the more popular channels on the list, the Food Surgeon, as the name implies, conducts surgery on… food.

These procedures include transferring the insides of a peanut butter cup onto an Oreo, extracting seeds off a strawberry (and injecting Nutella into said fruit) and repairing a clogged liquorice artery.

All of these videos are painstaking in their detail, with surgical equipment going a long way to help.

Peaceful Cuisine

If you don’t like the surgical theme and want something a little more normal, then Peaceful Cuisine might be for you.

The brainchild of a Japanese YouTuber, the channel sees the person creating a variety of vegan food (hold the jokes), and it looks mouthwatering too.

Best of all, the YouTuber often records videos with ambient sound only (no music and no commentary), making it pretty relaxing. Watch this if you’re after a great vegan recipe, but also want to zone out for a bit.


One of the more peculiar channels around, RRCherryPie features a person creating miniature food. Seriously.

Yep, the user either uses plastic ingredients or gummy facsimiles of real food to create faux or imitation miniature dishes. Very weird but look how adorable they are!

Miniature Cusina

Prefer your miniature dishes to actually be real? There’s a channel for that as well, and it keeps to the oddly fascinating theme of this list.

Miniature Cusina sees this YouTuber utilise real ingredients, tiny kitchen equipment and real cooking to craft everything from meatloaf to blueberry pancakes. There are a few substitutions now and again, such as quail eggs instead of chicken eggs, but the dishes are all authentic and tiny anyway.

Almazan Kitchen

One for the more traditional viewer, Almazan Kitchen sees this YouTuber simply cooking great meals in the outdoors, for the most part.

The uploader frequently features free-range cuts of meat, foraged ingredients and a pet owl, dubbed Mr Ramsay, with very little talking to be had as well. We quite like the tempura mushroom video, seen above.



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