Reddit celebrates World Environment Day with r/TinyAnimalsOnFingers

bee reddit world environment day

Today the globe celebrates all things great and beautiful on social media, as World Environment Day begins the week.

Google has already published a green-fingered doodle to mark the occasion, and shed some light on its green efforts. Twitter has been awash with the hashtags #withnature and #WorldEnvironmentDay.

Reddit however? Well, it’s gone one step further.

The social news aggregation service has a slew of subreddits dedicated to the beauty of the environment, but /r/TinyAnimalsOnFingers is trending today. And for good reason: it’s exactly what you need to get through Monday.

“This subreddit is dedicated to creating a menagerie of pictures of tiny animals on people’s fingers and hands,” reads the sub’s description. And it’s not lying either.

Essentially an imageboard of human beings embracing tiny animals on the tips of their hands, the sub is laced with adorable critters, from tiny bees to even tinier frogs.

Don’t believe that small creepy crawlies can be adorable? How can you say no to this sleepy bee?

Little Bee Buddy from tinyanimalsonfingers

What about this baby chameleon?

Baby panther chameleon, first one out! ❤️❤️ from tinyanimalsonfingers

Or this micro-snail?

Tiny snail visitor at my BBQ yesterday (spotted by a friend’s daughter). from tinyanimalsonfingers

According to /r/TrendingReddits, another sub that monitors which subreddits are receiving greater than usual attention, r/TinyAnimalsOnFingers received an additional 1600 subscribers today — a jump of more than 10 000%.

World Environment Day 2017 comes at a critical point in world history.

As the United States pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and the likes of Cape Town feeling the change of weather patterns, it’s more pertinent than ever to appreciate the littlest critters beneath our feet… or clinging to our fingers.

Andy Walker, former editor


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