Lupita Nyong’o disguised herself at Comic-Con (but she isn’t the first)


Lupita Nyong’o has raked in tens of thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter after posting a video of her running and dancing around San Diego Comic-Con dressed as a somewhat distorted Power Ranger.

As an actress in both the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Marvel’s Black Panther, Nyong’o has massive geek pull, and likely wanted to experience the convention without attracting a crowd.

But Nyong’o isn’t alone in her wish for privacy. So here’s a list of other celebs who disguised themselves so they, too, could geek out on the Comic-Con floors.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto was known for his strange antics on the set of Suicide Squad, but he avoided portraying the popular Joker in 2015 in favour of a baboon. So quirky, so method, so cool.

Henry Cavill

Superman actor Henry Cavill opted for the popular rather than the eccentric, and used a Guy Fawkes mask to con regular convention-goers and the cast of Suicide Squad.

Maisie Williams

Have you seen this girl? #SDCC

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Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams had the same idea, using both Guy Fawkes and Spider-Man as disguises in 2014.

Peter Jackson

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson opted for the Evil Jester in 2014 when promoting The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston went to Comic-Con 2013 in a mask of his own face. Is it possible for a mask to look more like you than you do?

“If that was Bryan Cranston, that would be hilarious,” a fan said as Bryan Cranston walked away.

Samuel L Jackson

In 2014, Samuel L Jackson tweeted a picture of himself in a creepy mask, saying only that he had “found a way to hit the Hall Floor.”

Elijah Wood

In an interview on ConanLord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood said he attempted to disguise himself as Batman. It didn’t work, but hey says fans respected the fact he wanted privacy and left him alone.

Ryan Reynolds

Late for your panel? Sometimes ya gotta make a run for it – harnessing the dark powers of Lord Vader. #sdcc #deadpool

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Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds was running late for his panel when he popped on a Darth Vader mask and ran through the halls. There’s a daddy joke in here somewhere.

John Barrowman

John Barrowman has been in Doctor WhoTorchwoodThe FlashLegends of Tomorrow and Arrow. And last year he was Harley Quinn. A versatile actor if we ever saw one.

Adam Savage

Former Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage is not about that boring one mask life, and instead roamed the halls in an elaborate space suit from Ridley Scott’s Alien. At Comic-Con, no one can hear you scream (if you’re hidden inside a space suit).

Matt Smith

The 11th Doctor Matt Smith attended Comic-Con in 2013, where he interacted with multiple Doctor Who fans in a Bart Simpson mask — needless to say, they were not very interested.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake once teamed up with an Esquire reporter for an interview. The catch? They spent the day walking around Comic-Con as Bert and Ernie.

Andrew Garfield

Taking a leaf out of Bryan Cranston’s book, Andrew Garfield got meta and arrived at his Amazing Spider-Man panel dressed as a fan dressed as Spider-Man. He even prepared a speech about what Peter Parker meant to him. Adorable.

Mark Ruffalo

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Mark Ruffalo, best known at Comic-Con for his role as the Hulk, “got to hide out and enjoy” the convention two years ago when he arrived in a terrifying old man mask.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is no stranger to Comic-Con, having attended multiple times for the promotion of the little-known Harry Potter films. But once those were done, he finally got to attend as a fan — albeit a fan who has to hide behind a Spider-Man mask the entire weekend.



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