Bonang’s book is so full of typos Exclusive Books is offering refunds

Exclusive Books is offering full refunds to readers dissatisfied with socialite Bonang Matheba’s book From A to B.

The book was allegedly full of grammatical errors, and a reedited version should be on the shelves soon. In the meantime, Exclusive Books is so keen on saving its image its not even asking for receipts in exchange for refunds.

It has also cancelled all signings and events.

In the two weeks since its release, From A to B has rocketed to the top of the store’s bestselling list. Bonang’s rapper boyfriend AKA tweeted in congratulations before the recall.

But most of the talk came after the recall announcement, and Exclusive Books trended for a few hours on Twitter before the vote of no confidence for SA President Zuma commenced, halting most other conversation.

Many Bonang fans were upset that the first-time author had been hung out to dry by her publishers, BlackBird Books.

Others were upset that Bonang has remained quiet over the whole affair.

And some were just excited for the drama of it all.

Featured image: Jennifer Su via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, edited)



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