James van der Beek runs a better Diplo Twitter account than Diplo

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As the brains behind tracks like “Lean On”, “Cold Water” and, uh, “Bubble Butt”, Diplo is no stranger to the limelight.

His official Twitter account also boasts around 2.33-million followers, which isn’t minuscule at all. But while his timeline is laced with fans’ adorable letters expressing their love for his music, his Diplo account isn’t quite the best Diplo account.

That honour belongs to James van der Beek. Yes, Dawson Leery of Dawson’s Creek fame.

Van der Beek’s parody account — @_diplo_ and not the more official @diplo — also boats a verified badge, which makes it notably difficult to tell the actual from the fake for untrained eyes.

‘EDM used to stand for Essential Diplo Music back in 2002 when i was the only one doing it’

But the account wasn’t set up to simply troll the musician.

Van der Beek is starring in a new Viceland comedy series dubbed What Would Diplo Do? produced by Diplo himself.

The show is a satirical look at life as a larger-than-life EDM star, with the account acting as a part of weird extension of the show, method acting and marketing.

Said marketing includes picking fights with food chain Denny’s for using a meme often adopted by Diplo’s record label Mad Decent.

Other musicians aren’t safe either.

Other EDM regulars Zedd, Dillon Francis, Hardwell and the Chainsmokers have been targeted by 140-character gems too.

If that doesn’t impress you, try these more generic sassy tweets.

And of course, what would a satirical look at the life of an EDM star be without the odd self-deprecating tweet?

According to a Variety review, the show largely lives up to the hilarity of van der Beek’s Twitter account.

[Van der Beek] throws himself into the absurdity of Diplo with self-effacing ease: swagging out in expensive athleisure, snapping a shirtless selfie for ‘the ‘gram,’ and bouncing with restless energy behind his soundboards,” the publication writes.

We’re not completely sure if we’ll see the show on South African shores, but at least the Twitter account makes up for that.

Andy Walker, former editor


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