South Africa’s box office: Son of Bigfoot strong, but Girls Trip stronger

Girls Trip has held on tight to the top spot it won last week, refusing to kneel to competition like Baby Driver (in second) and newcomer Son of Bigfoot. The animated film about a half-human half-Bigfoot son (don’t think about it too hard) debuted in third as the first kids movie to open in three weeks (which is like five years in kids’ time).

But how did the other films crack on this weekend? (11 to 13 August)

The introduction of the Bigfoot-hybrid meant that Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (review) was pushed down one spot into fourth. The war epic is currently Nolan’s sixth highest grosser as director, behind his Batman works, Inception and Interstellar.

Son of Bigfoot debuted at number three this week, behind Girls Trip and Baby Driver

Despicable Me 3 sunk into fifth position after seven weeks on the chart. The franchise is now the top-grossing animated franchise of all-time, surpassing the beloved Shrek movies. The latest has pulled in an impressive R43-million locally.

Amy Schumer’s Snatched opened this weekend to lukewarm reception, managing to crack sixth place despite critical disdain. The comedy has been hailed unoriginal and flimsy, but the lead pair of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn seems to have softened the thud for some viewers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (reviewand Captain Underpants look to be on their last legs, sharing the biggest drops of the week. Both fell two spots to seventh and eighth respectively, unable to compete with the fresher newcomers.

Finally, Lost City of Z gets a participants award for opening in tenth spot behind local film Krotoa. The film has brought in around half of its reported budget so far, and has had a very quiet theatrical run.

Here are ten most-watched movies in SA this past weekend:

  1. Girls Trip
  2. Baby Driver (Incl. 4DX)
  3. Son of Bigfoot (Incl. 3D)
  4. Dunkirk (Incl. IMAX)
  5. Despicable Me 3 (Incl. 3D)
  6. Snatched
  7. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Incl. 3D, 4DX & IMAX)
  8. Captain Underpants (Incl. 3D)
  9. Krotoa
  10. Lost City of Z

The above list was provided by Ster Kinekor Entertainment.



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