Last week in trailers: Mr Robot, bald Vince Vaughn, and talking hormones

The last week in trailers promoted a bald and serious Vince Vaughn, a cartoon about anthropomorphic hormones and a drama about shrinking humans to solve overpopulation. For someone who’s been demanding original content, it’s been a bittersweet week.

Here’s what you missed on Glee.

Mr Robot

Emmy-winning series Mr Robot is coming back for its third season, promising symbolic photos falling off shelves and Rami Malek’s phenomenal face. The latter, for those who watched season two, may function as a spoiler — but this show is known to screw with viewers’ minds and I’m not taking anything at face value.

Mr Robot is back in the US on 11 October.


Game of Thrones’ Kit Harrington is starring in BBC’s Gunpowder in which he plays a man who looks to kill the king and avenge his murdered family. Glad to see he’s branching out.

Jokes aside, Gunpowder is a drama about Robert Catesby, the driving force behind the gunpowder plot more famously attributed to Guy Fawkes. It also stars Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey), Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) and Liv Tyler (The Lord of the Rings).

The show premieres on BBC in the UK “soon”.

Super Troopers 2

The 2001 crime-comedy Super Troopers is receiving a sequel 17 years after its release, and it has the YouTube comment section abuzz. Looking to focus on the silly comedy that earned it somewhat of a cult status, the Super Troopers 2 trailer features ball-shaving jokes and a 4/20 release date (if you read it in American).

It does not yet have an SA release.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a Netflix animated sitcom about the terrors of puberty. It features hormones as giant beasts who encourage young girls to scream at their mothers (and, in a more NSFW trailer, young boys to masturbate in the same room as their sleeping friend).

The show is created by Nick Kroll (Kroll Show), Andrew Goldberg (Family Guy), Mark Levin (Nim’s Island) and Jennifer Flackett (Beverly Hills 90210Nim’s Island).

It premieres on the streaming platform on 29 September (presumably globally).

Marvel’s Inhumans

It feels as though Marvel’s Inhumans has been promoted since the dawn of time, and yet, here I am, writing about another trailer.

This time, Marvel shows off improved CGI, a few side characters and some major plot spoilers (look out for a quick shot of Medusa if you’re interested).

The pilot episode is currently airing in IMAX theatres, and the full show will premiere on MNet starting 29 September.

Brawl in Cell Block 99

If you were sitting at home wondering, wishing, waiting for Vince Vaughn to get serious (and bald), then your time has come. Congrats.

Brawl in Cell Block 99 tells of a former boxer who takes up work as a drug courier when his life starts falling apart — and look, I’m not crying Breaking Bad copycat but, come on. He’s bald.

The film does not yet have an SA release, but will be in the US on 6 October.


Netflix’s trailer for Wormwood is a trippy, confusing display centering on the story of the CIA, LSD and mind control.

The psychological drama is created by The Thin Blue Line‘s Errol Morris, and will feature six episodes of undisclosed lengths.

Wormwood premieres globally on 15 December.


Downsizing stars Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Cristoph Waltz and tells of a world in which overpopulation is fixed by gradually shrinking human beings to give us more space.

This teaser for a trailer doesn’t go into much but the cast, so don’t expect any answers about why that would even remotely be considered a good idea. Like, how small are we talking? Ants will surely be stronger than us? How are we going to fight them? How are we going to farm? Are we going to shrink every belonging we have?

Has every country agreed to this? Even North Korea? Or are they just waiting until they can squash us with their feet and save tons on military spending?

The official trailer will be released on 12 September, and the film itself hits SA shores on 12 January 2018.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father

No guesses as to what this show’s about.

British comedian Jack Whitehall never finished his gap year, and he decided there was no better way to do it than with his unadventurous father, a film crew, and Netflix there to pay for it all.

The miniseries sees the duo take on Southeast Asia over the course of six episodes, all of which arrive on the platform on 22 September.

Long Shot

In 2003, Juan Catalan was charged with a murder he didn’t commit. His alibi? He was at a baseball game.

The police, however, pushed on with the case, leaving Catalan’s defense attorney with no choice but to scour hours of outtakes from Curb Your Enthusiasm (which just so happened to be shooting there that day) to spot his client.

Long Shot tells Catalan’s unlikely story, premiering on Netflix on 29 September.



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