Eminem disses Trump in freestyle verse, South Africa is split

Rapper Eminem unleashed a four-minute-long freestyle criticising US President Donald Trump at Tuesday’s BET Hip Hop Awards, and the South African responses have been split.

In the freestyle, the rapper says that, among other issues, “racism’s the only thing [Trump’s] fantastic for”. He also bashes his “distraction” tactics of focussing on the recent NFL protests rather than disaster-relief for Hurricane-hit Puerto Rico.

Eminem goes so far as to tell any of his Trump-supporting fans that he’s “drawing a line in the sand; you’re either for or against”.

Former-NFL player Colin Kaepernick tweeted that he “appreciated” the rapper — and many South Africans were as impressed.

“Couldn’t care less about politics in America. I’m here for the execution of this delivery and his bravery to stand with black people,” one user wrote.

But others were a bit more critical.

Both Eminem and Trump came under fire, as several users pointed out that the rapper — whose work has consisted of lyrics that fantasise about raping his mother, assaulting underage girls, and killing his wife — is not exactly the bastion of morality.

Feature image: DoD News via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, resized)



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