Twitter deciphers Taylor Swift’s ‘…Ready For It?’ video

Taylor Swift’s latest era has been criticised as tone deaf and narcissistic as she takes on the “media” with her upcoming album Reputation — but her fans are with her, and her latest video “…Ready For It?” has left many frantic to decipher hidden clues.

The Ghost in the Shell-esque video, which has amassed 2.4-million views in just over five hours, shows a witchy Swift confront a robotic clone of herself trapped in a glass cage.

The video’s budget must have largely been spent on CGI, as the trapped Swift sits atop a glowing white horse, channels lightning, and holds a glowing orb in what looks like one location.

Most of Swift’s fans on Twitter have decided that the video represents a killing of the old with a replacement of the new — much like the premise of her first video from Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Others spent time searching for hints at information about the album in the background details.

The first put under scrutiny were the Chinese lettering littered across the background, followed quickly by English words that may hint to future song titles.

Swift’s fans also think that the numbers 89 and 91 reference Taylor and rumoured boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s birth years. This ties in to another point in the video in which Swift pushes buttons numbered 2 and 1, potentially linking to Alwyn’s birthday on 21 February.

But others were less inclined to make deep connections, and instead pointed out what we were all thinking.

And, of course:

While the video’s director Joseph Kahn was impressed with the intense research, though, one Swift fan thought it may be just slightly over-dramatic.



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