Tinder’s latest feature panders to fed-up women

Tinder has released a fun new reactions feature, but has inexplicably marketed it as if it were going to solve one of the platform’s biggest issues.

In an effort to cull “doucheyness” from its platform, the company says its new reactions feature will drive a woman’s message home — but, really, it’s just glorified emoji.

The feature appears alongside GIFs in individual DMs, and functions in the same way as iMessage’s full-screen animations.

Essentially, they fill your and your match’s screen with the likes of floating hearts, a giant eye-roll, or even an angrily-thrown drink — and if you’re wondering how this will make more of an impact than regular texts, you are not alone.

Everything about the way Tinder is marketing the feature feels facetious, as the company surely knows that people will suck no matter what style of animation thrown their way.

The campaign unnecessarily brings up an underlying an issue, and then points in the opposite direction of a solution. Not to mention: Pandering to women — who are often the target of abuse on dating platforms — is tone deaf and manipulative.

Reactions are being released alongside a cringey ad campaign that features US comedian Whitney Cummings and female Tinder employees as they search for a way to ward off douchebags.

You can watch the full set of ads here.



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