Netflix World TV Day stats make a case for humans as the cutest species

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In celebration of the silly and unnecessary World TV Day (What does it mean? Why does it matter?), Netflix has released some interesting stats about its users’ viewing habits — and they offer a surprisingly endearing look at human psychology.

The stats examine which times of day Netflix users consume different genres — and it turns out we’re a pretty cute species.

Exhibit A: Netflix users start their days with comedies.

“6am members are 34% more likely to watch comedy compared to the rest of the day,” the company wrote in a press release.

While we could attribute this to the early morning grogginess that renders brains unable to process shows like Mindhunter, it’s lovelier to think that human beings share a common desire to start their days off on a positive note.

This hypothesis is backed up by Exhibit B: Netflix users end their days with comedies.

By 11pm, Netflix says its users are swapping out thrillers like Stranger Things for comedies like Master of None and Bojack Horseman. They could just be trying to wind down the creeps they got from Will’s bowl cut — or they could again be proving the common desire to end their days on a positive note.

And, finally, Exhibit C: Between midnight and 6am, Netflix sees a 24% rise in documentaries streamed.

Actually, this is a bit of a creepy stat. What are y’all doing? Are you okay? Can I help?

To conclude, humans just want to be happy when they wake up and happy when they sleep, and it’s cute as heck. Thank you. No further questions.



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