South Africans take strong stance against murder-accused Henri van Breda

Henri van Breda Twitter

Triple murder accused Henri van Breda took to the stands Tuesday to give his testimony on the incidents that led to the brutal murders of three family members and the attempted murder of his younger sister in January 2015.

Van Breda told the court of a giggling, axe-wielding intruder that attacked his family in their home on a Stellenbosch estate — but South Africans on social media were not convinced by the accused’s version of events.

One of the main contentions was van Breda’s clear memory of unnecessary details, but forgetfulness over crucial moments in the case.

Another issue was that of van Breda’s seemingly calm demeanour, and the suspicious lack of a stutter the defense had cited in an attempt to block cameras from his testimony.

“Very animated facial reactions, ice cold, almost numb, how much of his testimony has been coached to him, looks like he has studied HIS thoughts on the event just to regurgitate it at will (sic),” read a comment on YouTube.

The case has also been conjuring memories of Oscar Pistorius’s, during which the Olympic sprinter claimed he thought Reeva Steenkamp to be an intruder in his home.

Not only do these defenses highlight South Africa’s crime problem, but its simmering racial tension too.

Already convinced of his guilt, many on social media moved to the question of motive.

The trial, and Henri van Breda’s testimony, continues.

Featured image: screenshot, @Mike_Said_What via Twitter.



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